February 4, 2023

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The beef tax | Seth’s Blog

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The beef tax | Seth's Blog

We’re all spending it, every working day.

In the US, taxpayers subsidize the cattle sector with billions of bucks of tax funds each and every 12 months. Most of that goes to pay out for feed crops, but there is also a huge allocation of general public land for the grazing of cows. About 50 percent the land in the total country is just for cattle.

In addition, a considerable portion of the climate issue is straight brought on by the consequences of bovine respiration as well as the clear-slicing of forests for grazing throughout the world. It is like somebody is dumping manure on your dwelling area carpet and inquiring you to fork out for it.

The end outcome is that whether or not or not you try to eat meat, you are paying for it.

Beef is additional highly-priced than we understand. And it’s also noticeably considerably less convenient than we give it credit history for. Climate refugees, storm-ruined property, the decline of lifestyle and homes… these are directly caused by the just one billion cows that human beings increase each and every calendar year.

What would take place if we only billed a good value for the beef and milk that people eat?

The sector has performed a fantastic career of persuading individuals that beef is low-cost, hassle-free, uncomplicated, luxurious, healthful and benign. It’s none of these matters.

I ponder how extended it will just take us to realize just how much it expenditures us.

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